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SKWAKのカラフルなグラフィックには、不条理を糧にした大げさな表情のクリーチャーが登場し、"マニアックワールド "を形成しています。
SKWAK's colorful graphics are populated by creatures with an exaggerated 
look who are fed with the absurd to create the “Maniac World”





SKWAK is an artist/illustrator who lives in Lille, France. He has created his own graphic world populated by creatures with an exaggerated look, fed with the absurd to create what he calls his “Maniac World”. SKWAK's universe is perpetually evolving, getting richer, and finding its place,and "codes". Essentially SKWAK's world is a huge playground that is completely crazy, awash with colours and completely laid back.

Since SKWAK began illustrating, he has has maintained close ties with the advertising world and has created visual communications for all types of companies and product/service sectors. SKWAK is sought after by brand for collaborations where he imagines, creates and develops illustrations, characters, packaging, and space design. SKWAK can also take on the role of art director in the framework of longer collaborations with brands. 

SKWAK has worked extensively with many household brand names including with Nike, McDonald's, Ubisoft, Facebook, Levis, Adidas, Google, NASA, Coca-Cola, Subway, Yahoo, Sony Playstation, Microsoft, and Fnac, the French electronics retail chain

Thanks to SKWAK's unique universe, his illustrations arouse consumer interest, and solidifies a brand's and product's presence in the long term. In collaboration with internal teams and/or partner agencies, SKWAK delivers original creations that are strong, unique and memorable, thus developing the identity and virality of his clients' requests.

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